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My son turns 3 years old today. He was born @ noon, and that morning there was a tremendous storm. It encroached upon us quickly,  our friends ran into the house, then the wind threw sheeting gallons of water, everyone watched the windows. And then someone had to go back out and get the dog off the chain.

Don't you just love when the seasons transition? The colors of late Summer are like a mini Fall, a pre-Fall season, in the latest bloom of the year my wife's allergies also blooming. This little epoc passes in a few weeks. Then the trees turn their leaves, ever year this all transpires quite a bit differently, seemingly related to the history of the Summers heat and moisture. I am writing this stuff, playing some kinda essayist, all reflective and full of important thoughts. But is really just hot air. They say, "it's the little things that matter." I hope to not forget that, so that I should keep in the present moment. I'd hate to miss anything!

This morning I will complete a big window seat with two large drawers for blankets. The customers run a newspaper in a city near here, and live on a farm where they grow large flowers. The people around here are so interesting, so many have been drawn to live in these woods and hills, this pastoral life. The Pine was from a big tree blown down by Granite lake near Cumberland, and the Popple came from Gene the Sawyers 300 acre woodlot; he select harvest his trees, and has a huge shed full of all species. I bought some Cedar from him too, he had sawn up telephone poles. That old telephone pole is now the door to my shed.

The Fall will be here soon. Some like it best of all the seasons. The early Winter can be dreamy fluffy snow. Then we move into deeply frozen land and 4PM grey day sundowns for months. Summer is like youth, you feel like you have all the time in the world.

Our friend has a vacant lot in town in  St Augustine. Like a blank slate, what will be the "mark"? He has a concept, and I share his vision. With his wife and boy, he lives in a small place on the beach on the Atlantic. They are from Manhattan,  they are used to living in small places. And when we visit, we add four more to the household. What is interesting is how they organize the house, everything has a place, and an intention, and there is no clutter. It is probably the most "right-on" feng feel flow I have known. And the breeze from the sea blows through the eastern screens, and through the house.

 Like i mentioned, they have a vacant lot, we can build something here. Looks like we are going to use an Airstream style trailer. Then build bump out rooms, shed roofs, and a porch maybe. Relatively quickly, we now have a house, which he plans to rent! An idea, in the making. Affordable, durable, self-made, and reclaimed.

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